DUI Laws in Georgia

DUI laws in Georgia are designed to punish and deter those who drive impaired on our roadways.  On even a first DUI, an offender is facing:

  1. jail and probation time
  2. heavy fines often exceeding $1,000 plus court costs and surcharges
  3. alcohol abuse evaluations
  4. other alcohol related classes, including a risk reduction program
  5. court-ordered community service
  6. Georgia drivers license suspension

While you are not responsible for prosecuting a drunk driver who has been involved in an accident with you, you do have the right to follow the case and stay informed on its progress.  The county prosecutor will be responsible for prosecuting the case and having the DUI driver either enter a plea, or see the case through trial.

Often, a criminal DUI prosecution is ongoing while your lawsuit against the driver is in its initial stages.  It is common for your civil lawsuit against a DUI driver to last longer than the criminal case.  If the DUI prosecution ends with the driver pleading guilty, then this can generally be brought up and used in your DUI lawsuit.  Even if the driver pleads no contest or is found not guilty, insurance companies must be made aware of the driver’s negligent conduct.