DUI Settlements

DUI settlements are a way to avoid prolonged and often painful trial process to determine fault and damages after an accident.  After a DUI accident, there are two important investigations that take place.  First, the police will access the accident and usually come to conclusions about who was at fault in the accident, as well as whether or not DUI was involved in the wreck.  Depending on the severity of the accident, a specialized accident reconstruction team maybe called in to map the accident scene and gather data to use in their investigation.  Many Metro Atlanta counties have accident reconstruction teams trained specifically for serious accident situations.

The second investigation that will be important in evaluating your case to reach a possible settlement is the insurance company’s and your own investigation.  Remember, insurance companies have vast resources and often hire their own team of experts and even former cops to evaluate a DUI accident scene shortly after the wreck.  Of course, the insurance company’s team will not have your best interest in mind, but rather will focus on whether liability can be avoided.

It is important to discuss your case with an attorney that represents your rights after a DUI accident.  The settlement process starts with collecting evidence and information about your accident, and then beginning the negotiation process with the insurance companies and their attorneys.

Our firm has accident reconstruction specialists and other resources available who know how to gather the essential data and evidence from your accident.  Call us directly to discuss your best course of action to begin DUI settlement talks.  We can be reached by filling out our contact form found on this page, or by calling us directly at (404) 590-6642.