DUI Trial in Georgia

A DUI trial in Georgia is used to determine fault and damages when a settlement agreement cannot be negotiated.  A civil DUI trial in Georgia can be in front of a judge or a jury and will generally take place in the county where the defendant resides or where the accident occurred.

A DUI trial in civil court generally involves:

1. Filing a lawsuit alleging fault and the amount of damages you suffered in the accident

2. Completing a discovery period where your attorney will file various motions and pleadings to gather all available information about the DUI accident from opposing counsel

3. Conducting pretrial conferences and hearings to determine admissibility of evidence as well as scheduling

4. Continuing pretrial negotiations to determine if a settlement can ultimately be reached

5. Deciding whether your trial will take place in front of a judge or jury


Once a trial begins, it can take days and sometimes weeks to complete.  In trial, your attorney will:

1. Have the judge hear any final pretrial motions that have not been decided

2. Select a jury (known as voir dire)

3. Make an opening statement to the jury

4. Present your case, including all expert and other witnesses

5. Cross examine any witnesses called by the defendant in your case

6. Make closing statements to the jury to include clearly explaining fault in the accident and damages resulting from the accident

DUI trials, like most injury trials, are complex and require skill and experience to be successful.  Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience in trial, and in investigating DUI cases that will help you at trial.

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