Filing A DUI Lawsuit

Filing a DUI lawsuit is often necessary in order to recover damages against a drunk driver after an accident.  In Georgia, a lawsuit against a drunk driver must be filed within 2 years of the accident date and can be filed in the county where the accident happened.  DUI lawsuits must allege the facts that support your case- what happened, how it happened, the parties involved, as well as other information including the amount you are seeking to pay for your damages.

If you file a DUI lawsuit, you can ask for certain damages under Georgia’s laws.  These damages can include:

  1. Medical Expenses resulting from the DUI wreck
  2. Lost Wages from missing work as a result of the accident
  3. Property damage to your car and other personal property from the accident
  4. Pain and suffering you went through as a result of the accident
  5. Punitive Damages to deter further DUI crimes by the defendant

While this list is not exhaustive, these are the most commonly sought damages after DUI car accidents.  Your lawsuit must refer to these damages in order to be eligible to collect on any judgment in the case.

While filing a lawsuit in car accident and DUI cases is common, it is not your first step, nor does it always even happen.  Remember, before a lawsuit is filed, your attorney can contact the other person’s  insurance company directly and begin the negotiation process.  In some cases it makes sense to start this process very early and even settle a case early on.  In other cases, it is smart to wait on all bills and expenses to be finalized before seriously negotiating for a settlement in your case.

If you have been involved in a DUI wreck and have questions about filing a lawsuit, the damages you are entitled to recover, or other general questions about the process, call me today and I will personally discuss these issues with you.  We can setup a time to meet face to face after our initial phone conversation and I will layout the plan for your case.  I can be reached directly at (404) 590-6642 by phone or text, 24/7.